Mind of a Tehranist

by eMCee Killa

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EmceeKilla is an English underground emcee / lyricist and in this instance poetical dissident. His father is an investigative journalist / author who together with David Shayler (before he was subject to an MI5 mind control program) helped to whistle blow certain actions by the MI5, most notably their information held on the IRA and other such farces which included the MI5 holding files on pop groups such as “The Specials” and “The Sex Pistols” plus a CIA attempt on Gaddafi under the illusory guise of Al Quada. He has two books published on the subject, most notably ‘Masterminds of Terror’ and writes regularly for The Independent and The Guardian. His Iranian mother won an OBE for her humanitarian work in war torn Iraq.

“The economic system that meets the wants of the few by denying the needs of the majority is in its twilight years”.

The energy and sentiment behind the music is obvious enough but it must be stressed that the (s)words are not aimed at the good people living in America but the corporation that so cleverly named their business US Government and the British and European monarchs and aristocracy that own it through the illegitimate private corps; The Crown, the Federal Reserve, The Bank of England, UNITED KINGDOM CORP, City of London, the WTO, WHO, IMF, World Bank who suck the life from us by perpetuating war, starvation, pain and misery to the other 95% of the planet’s population, and to the corporate media aiding and abetting those who seek to enslave the human race and wipe out those who are conscious of this dastardly manipulation as well as those who are not ‘economically viable’.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


released November 1, 2009



all rights reserved
Track Name: Truth Talk
a track for the writers, producers, finding the truth, end silence cos violence is stupid,
a track for the peeps in the flats that are damn high, stop, put your tele on stand by,
a track for the soldiers who kill cos they’re soulless, and lost all their focus,
a track for the beggars on their backs, picking pennies out a sack, it’s a struggle just get a bit of crack,

Some people think that I’m paranoid,
I ain’t paranoid, I’m just trying to think cos I’m that annoyed,
So get your face out the camera boy,
Cos at this rate it’s a can of piss takes that your bagging for,
I come with a demon tongue, to freeze your lungs,
And keep you speaking dumb,
And when the beatings won, you’re defeated,
I’ll punch through the ceiling, and crumble your team of thugs,
Get eat for lunch, trust you’re the weakest bunch,
Couldn’t run a bath, set, get your feet and dust,
My means a must, rise and retreat from fuss,
Peeps bleed for fuck all in depleted slums,
So we fight for what’s right try to keep it one,
Sometimes it feels lost in the heated sun,
Speak a tough message but keep it fun,
teach our own methods till the week is done,

a track for the writers, producers, finding the truth, end silence cos violence is stupid,
a track for the peeps in the flats that are damn high, stop, put your tele on stand by,
a track for the soldiers who kill cos they’re soulless, and lost all their focus,
a track for the beggars on their backs, picking pennies out a sack, it’s a struggle just get a bit of crack,

Came on this surface, to train for a purpose,
We’re taking this earth for a circus,
This world’s full of tricks, clowns, cheats and deceit,
You believe everything when you sit down and read,
The rains full of toxins, we piss on the trees,
And the news miss the interesting bits when they speak,
Then you trust that its real, never think,
Cos it looks so convincing to see,
Its like we’re missing a beat,
Time moves twice faster, its like they put a jinx on the street,
I’m intrigued on the facts that you push in my face,
No surprise when you see that its bush in the place,
Man there’s puss on your face and your licking the content,
To stop all the terror from the pain of a bomb threat,
Object is to shock and awe,
Lots more peeps than Saddam ever counted for,

a track for the writers, producers, finding the truth, end silence cos violence is stupid,
a track for the peeps in the flats that are damn high, stop, put your tele on stand by,
a track for the soldiers who kill cos they’re soulless, and lost all their focus,
a track for the beggars on their backs, picking pennies out a sack, it’s a struggle just get a bit of crack,

Let’s get it moving a track meant for soothing your mind so relax with music,
Rap for the school kids, who lack in performance,
But blame it on cats who react but ignore them,
Fact that your forming a rank for the norm,
And the bright and intelligent and those that are poor,
Cos you’ve closed every door then you opened the law,
To impose on the road and your phone when you talk,
All the mobiles are sources to track where you walk,
Till you spark up a spliff and your back in the court,
The watchful eye of the blair legislation,
Who cotch in the sky and declare devastation,
Prepare for a demonstration, intellect is destroyed,
By the ways of the internet,
Vowed to remember the plans that they gave us,
In keeping us locked in the land they enslave us,
Track Name: Chosen Plans
the deadly nightshade, heavy high grade,
it stems the meaning of my quest to send a penny my way,
left or right lanes, I sense an imperfection,
forever independent, till when I pick my pension,
depending on if we're strong enough think about it,
to strip the truth so we no longer have to fit the outfit,
the papers talk around it, but they don't read the language,
they target lack of knowledge, twist, so you dont understand it,
a chain of businesses and we're the factory lines, matched in time,
and through their dominance they must have planned it,
cos now conspiracy is taking us to funny lengths,
but makes us more determined to be seeking where the money's spent,
so come together its the future that we hold in hands,
cos all of us young enough to seek all of our chosen plans,
so pose a stand is it you or is it them thats wrong,
the governement officials blowing missiles in the pentagon,
chemical gas that was used in used falluja, you cant be human,
so now you see where my tempers gone,
7/7 bombings, david kelly its a nasty joke,
david shayler put alot of truth in what my father wrote,
hidden atrocities the service really knew about,
but kept it on the low because they want to clear the sewers out,
we’re under threat while some are sat deciding latter earth,
the world evaporates and what becomes of all your shackled work,
its me whos inexperienced the same as you,
but want to know the reason why we see so many racist troops,
invading every sacred truthful town that we've been praisful to,
establishment collapsed for the fact that your a crazy dude,

it seems life is a source that you bring to the plate,
and death is a promise that you bring to the grave,
blessed with my knowledge as it sinks on the page,
like a branch in the forest or a needle in the hay,

needless to say, its like life is a blank canvas,
paint flakes like bad dandruff,
vacate snakes lay like black mamba’s,
strike venom every day like yank tankers,
a blank shrine, can’t adapt, I’m
trapped with my bad times, stuck in my back mind,
I don’t act right, man I stand left wing,
From the cats eyes, and all central reservations,
Police state and the crack pipes,
Living in internal Britain’s landslide,
Never coping to notice, asylum has taken our focus away from the violence,
So now your switching your votes, in the hope that your rascist approach will be seen as “alright den”
It couldn’t be further from the truth, you may have heard a lot of news,
But we’re the vermin of the youth,
And your Chinese whispers, makes the source of the talk two faced like Siamese twins,
I’m a write these scriptures, watch the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end from the wisdom
Track Name: Brick Wall ft. Koziosko and Plarks
To fix you up like medicine, My sedatives ‘ll sever kids,
Chatting nothing relative, irrelevant,
Its daywalkers and killa’s on the set again,
Don’t believe in god but this tag team is heaven sent,
I’ll hang you up by your head and then strangle the last bit of breath out your neck to death,
In Retrospect your style was washed up like the gold coast,
The ocean seperates but we still seem to roll close,
Unite druids like the summer solstice, I drop thunder bolts,
Spit then I suck a rolled spliff,
It’s the runner road kid, leave the gun alone, reach every fucking show,
And won’t stop at nothing when the funds are low,
Sub control, when I find what I love to know,
Son your whole team cos its easy to ruck and roll,
But I ain’t paying all your maintenance fees,
Your like heroin, injecting all your venom in me,
I lead rap and don’t rep this competitively,
I team with up with the best who can step on a beat,
And make it sound fucking heavy on streets, to park benches,
To mansions to semi’s and peeps with guard fences,
A league of our own, while you seat in the throne,
Punch your teeth in your throat, try to breathe then you choke,
All the demons and ghosts give me reason to flo,
So I pick up the mic and defeat every foe,
Track Name: Changes
With depleted uraninium,
That’s what the government does he’s killing kids he’s not saving them,
They’re born slaves in their cot,
Build institutions the educate them straight in your shop,
As if you really care about the future?
The only thing you care about is putting figures in computers,
Millions are losing, your industries abusive,
The whole entire system with idiots approving,
The silliest solutions for dealing with warfare,
Corps bare lie there dead with no thoughts spared,
More scared than people to paedophiles in Britain,
And the threat of Islam Religion,
And they’re still hunting for Madeleine mcann,
Better keep your kids locked up he’ll grab if he can,
But its all just to scare you,
Property investors, lenders, mortgage and pensions,
Morbid and senseless, soldiers in trenches,
They all wanna die for our country, tremendous,
Like they don’t remember the sequenced events,
When your team had inspected and seen nothing left,
So you fucked with em anyway,
And this is why the youth get led astray,
So we burn every candle flame,
Turning another page losing your book from the hurricane,

The seam’s slowly come away,
So someone needs to come explain,
Before I end with a chip in my back,
Withholding my finance and info I’m trapped,
Cos I’m here for the rap and I’m here for the love,
And I’m into free thinking and rising above,
I ain’t into to being locked for my ideas and crops,
I don’t really buy beer lots, I fear not,
I hate everything about you,
You wanna fight me, go ahead I’d be proud too,
And blow up your town too,
You may think that I’m insighting violence,
But your white phosphorous is the fire I’m fighting,
And I’m sick of the scandal, sick of Guantanamo,
Sick of the beast being led by a chaperone,
Sick of democracy,
Sick cos its not meant to lead to you watching me,
Now they try and tell you that it caters for safety,
My rights get revoked cos I know that they hate me,
Similar to weekend warriors in abu-graib,
Untrained henchmen with uneducated hate,
Charlie’s chartering charging with no chase,
Bargains with no trace, carpets just ripped straight
Under your feet, starving your kids need something to eat,

And think of the days we were wandering free,
And when we were hungry we hunted for meat,
Instead we fell in love with the greed,
And got lied to, so there ain’t much to believe,
It depends if you over or under achieve,
Die rich or get thrown in the dungeons with me,
I roll with a hundred of these,
Force the resistance or crumble your team,
Couldn’t give a fuck if I’m up in the scene,
Cos every time I feature my name isn’t seen,
But I blame it on me,
Cos I wanna just rap, be creative and free, Not a slave to the beast,
Feel in danger of losing my faith,
Tooth ache from this new age, mirrors try change my reflection,
Age of deception, us humans will face,
More movements than 8 zapatista brigades,
Alta vista the page you can witness the rage,
Against forces who force their vindictive array,
Of restricting arrangements dipped in enslavement,
Pinch of the finest in mind entertainment,
So why should you work more? Why should you prosper?
Why should you ever win awards at the Oscars?
Have you ever thought that your happiness will lye,
When you search in your soul and what the earth can provide,
Track Name: Unique Science
its time is money, bout to bring life to dummies,
have em buzzing round like bee hives with honey,
or moths to bright lights and flies to shit,
or girls who suck dick just cos you drive a whip,
its like a rush for strong minds in a higher state,
flushing out the rats with the tune that the piper plays,
lightning spray aim every rhyme till your spinal brakes,
tidal wave effect, but i'm walking on the water mate,
storm your gates, flood defence system wouldnt co operate,
now i've sworn to take on every track like its all at stake,
the corporate wave, a big plot to put us all in graves,
i scratch the surface, there's other tracks you all should wait,
we're moving forward straight aheads where i've always made my way,
and couldn't give a fuck about what you gotta say,
its all about growing up, facing facts, tracing tracks,
learning from mistakes that you never wished on playing back,
this isn't for the weak minded, elite rhyming,
unique science bringing peace and a ceasefire...

your never gonna keep sight of us each either,
we're clever when we reach mics and recieve violence,

i breathe rhymes with an urban shakedown,
murder fake clowns for verse and 8 pounds,
and stay proud, head held high grey clouds,
and pray down that my soul flies to take out,
its 8 now, years, i aint put the pen back,
7 years since i first done my ten track,
in 99 i'm live reciting rhymes,
2000 my music gets a new housing,
who's the foundation move around station,
found a new place for crews to foundate in,
its BHH for a breed grade, never seen stale mate,
mc's snail pace, a belief held faith, empty shells make,
bent creeps dwell shaded and seek hells gate,
cos justice around us has sucked in the powers,
a crush to devour the clutch to empower,
the weak who remain so reluctant to tower,
and we who explain who was has fucked the outcome,
so now your future is looking doubtful,
even though your sat rapping with your mouth full,
its back to on the steps rapping at the town hall,
its either that or getting kicked in the crown jewels,
i sound proof negatives from the oppostition,
and celebrate there death just like a copper killing,
so get your heads wise its music that we're moving with,
cos all of us explain every reason why we're doing this..
Track Name: Social Engineering
Its like we’ve all gone mad now the end is nearing,
I could remember clearings but now they’re blocked from the centre steering,
Effective teaching produces weaklings,
There used to be a gap in the door to get your feet in,
And now we’re all struggling, population doubling,
Ronald Reagan’s cousin is on his way to dumping,
A lot of babies mothers in hotter baking countries,
They rot away to nothing get shot if you say something,
Your not awake so fuck it, so wait for the bigger brother,
To staple your inner colours, from wages to hidden comforts,
It’s all a bit of a nudge in the back,
Hidden messages to fill all your cupboards with crap,
And we all seem to suffer to that,
You love the government but hate getting stung on your tax?,
Get worked to the bone so your souls getting drained,
So you can’t leave the home TV’s on instead,

You can call me the troubadour,
Ride on a unicorn straight to the heart of this human storm,
Creating newer forms, get you into doing chores,
Bully you to do it do it more, label every hoody fraud,
Its like a company that’s building cars,
They get better, each model to do what your telling em,
Make them all believe that they will be stars,
Until they turn 39 and realise that their skills have past,
We’re not built to last,
we’re built to stay in this country and drink in a filthy bar,
And show love to a monarchy that boosts our economy
The bitch makes money off her property,
And yeah it fucking bothers me, building common purpose,
Bind all the highest in chains to get you working,
Never certain but you keep on believing,
Your gonna the person, Its so deceiving,

Its cold and freezing when your homeless sleeping,
And every squat’s converted to student precincts,
People move frequent the house price drops,
Till your outside shops cos you can’t buy crops,
Your pastime’s locked to a far distant memory,
Everything becomes nothing like what you’ve ever dreamed,
All this is hereditary,
The only difference is the next generation will be better breeds,
Meaning more machine,
Meaning more programmed to support the most wars that there’s ever been,
So you can sit in your mezzanine, watching the tele screen,
Clocks ticking, treasure each image, while your seats getting hot,
17 minutes on, 18 minutes, 19 minutes on,
Why don’t the people start leaving the house,
And we’ll take the streets back when the speakers are out,
Track Name: Fight Now
Fuck writing for the money and fame,
Its just a lifetime ambition that’ll cover your brain,
And in truth your sound ain’t got nothing say,
Cos its real life when you see your one in the same

Running away, from D list celebrities,
I’m fed up with tendencies of building their respect,
Keep you glued to the tele for an hour and half,
Pouring Stella in your glass, but this setup is a farce,
Call it entertainment, but your mirroring a fake,
Making sure your kids are into shape?
Like a silhouette, grossly overweight is the populous,
Astronomers predict when we die, space will be our coroners,
I’m glad to bring philosophy to rap,
No matter what you do my words are like a prostitute to crack,
But I’ve still got a lot to do,
Maybe the bottom will end up as my rendezvous,
I still know I’ll contribute a lot of tunes,
For the honest youths, foreign dudes, and old fucking codgers too,
Pagan martyr, my flame gets darker aim to harm the frame of this blatant drama

Fuck writing for the money and fame,
Its just a lifetime ambition that’ll cover your brain,
And in truth your sound ain’t got nothing say,
Cos its real life when you see your one in the same

Chae Guevara, Marcos sub commander, Zapatistas, Ya Basta, they fight for nada,
Cultures armour, plays the hand of vultures karma,
Broken glasses and molten lava, frozen faster like diamond farmers,
The slave trade exists so its time for harvest,
I rhyme for calm heads, hate Friday Clark Kent’s,
Who like the bar tense, so fights can start, then bouncers charge in,
About to harm men, kick you out the club knocked out with scarred heads,
its ridiculous, don’t want to be affiliate to that,
When I’m studying a way to bring imagery to facts,
Your swimming in a sack of shit, that’s why my raps will dismantle it,
Spray it across floor so you’ll stink like a savage bitch,
So fuck Blair cos I’ve never been a fan of his,
However long he lives, if he’s alive or he’s a rotting pig,

Fuck writing for the money and fame,
Its just a lifetime ambition that’ll cover your brain,
And in truth your sound ain’t got nothing say,
Cos its real life when you see your one in the same

Keep it ancient stand on the acropolis,
Shout to the mother nature, this lands full of offices,
On top of shit, catch me at the wrong time, on a bridge,
Hang you by your legs off the side and throw you off of it,
Leave you in coughing fits, in the end your under coffin lids,
What a stiff, getting beat by the stronger fist,
But the problem is, abolishing your following,
And often we get lost within the cost and sip a coffee,
Cos your probably wanna grab and axe and kill your boss,
And nothings gonna stop you cos you’ve really had enough,
No one loves you, cos your under every tom and jerry,
Not a merry site when you’ve been sipping on the bevies,
And your bellies getting bigger and you’ve slept with every minger,
Cos you’ve got nothing left to give a girl, except spaghetti dinners,
No respect your very bitter,
Never onto a winner here, that’s why you sit and wear,
Slave to the system your graves started digging there….
Track Name: More British
See this industry is papered in different ways to diss you,
With all your strength you couldn’t make a break wrapped in tissue,
So I make the fact official your transparent like crystal, a mad man that could hit you with bad grammar that’s dick proof,
While I stay more British than beef,
More British than rappers with raw shit in their teeth,
I’m more British than a country garden,
More British than posh girls calling everyone darling,
I’m more British than carling, stout, whiskey or bitter,
More British than calling the loo the bog or the shitter,
More British than failing every space exploration,
More British than the highest of pregnancy ratings,
More British than Harrison, lennon, starr and mccartney,
More British than systems holding regular parties,
I’m more British than a £10 note,
Even more British than a jack dee joke,
More British than battles filled with cattle for laughter,
More British than thinking, aah shit, the morning after,
More British than driving the left side of the road,
More British than speaking English all over the globe,
More British than beckham, scoles, owen or Campbell,
More British than derelict homes littered with vandals,
More British than hookers all hanging in kings cross,
More British than rappers all slagging the big boss,
More British than secondary school, college or uni,
More British than countdown, corrie, Richard and judy,
More British than Churchill, thatcher, blair or major,
More British than barges, battle ships and sailors,
More British than Shakespeare, blake or percy shelley,
More British than watching all your soaps on the tele,
More British than lands end, to john o groats,
More British than calling a man a geezer or bloke,
I’m more British than 3 consecutive train crashes,
More British than howard marx giving weed to the masses,
More British than grey skies and the shittest of weather,
More British than eastenders and birds of a feather,
More British than Tenerife, Ibiza and nappa,
More British than jungle mc’s claiming their dapper,
More British than cooked breakfast, roast and chips,
More British than not calling our girls and cars hoes and whips,
More British than lennox lewis, nah,
More British than the Tottenham section of jewish,
More British than mr muscle, domestos and jif,
I’m more British than going to dover for white cliffs,
More British than task force, blak twang and jehst,
More British than being told, “that’ll put hairs on your chest”
More British than the snow on the ground at February time,
I’m more British than wanting to score weed as a crime,
More British than the kray brothers and the Birmingham six,
More British than the shires and the stix,
I’m more British than Jodie marsh and jordans tits,
More British than eating curry and having the shits,
I’m even more British than your forefathers,
More British than being addressed young as a master,
More British than bakeries, blacksmiths and tailors,
More British than caravan parks, not trailors,
More British than straight, government buggery,
And the public sick to the teeth of your thuggery,
You couldn’t get more British than that,
It’s the only way I felt to put my shit on the map,
You see I’m a true brit, when it comes to my music,
Stick to what I know with this knowledge that I’m using,
And unlike an actor, I move to the next chapter,
Unguided and freestlying from then after…
Track Name: Guns of Britain
The thought police just broke in,
Is it hands on my head or the gun I’m holding,
I gotta do it for the little kids,
i feel I gotta tell the world just how it really is,
cos I’ve been holding it up for 25,
Many died from the boss enforcing genocide,
And the truth won’t be televised,
Cos its easy to lie when your not a very clever guy,
But I’ll never let head my sway,
Even though my stomachs swollen from drinking nestle,
Your death beds made, so its time to lie,
Your tense, pace up and down cos its eye for eye,
And It makes you sad you want to sponsor a child,
Did a lot for the wild so you rock with a smile,
Now we’re facing an age where we’re bound to burn lots,
And in turn be controlled by Rupert Murdoch,

Once you pledge to the west getting chased by Ivan,
Stuck between your faith and a race asylum,
And the same things happening in London town,
You shake like seeing afghans on underground,
Whether its out the city or into Hoxton,
Police just watch men like their Boris Johnson,
Now the fear seems to cover the protocol,
Don’t you know? They say jump we’re like “okay doke”
Prepared to give our rights up, protect your country,
Those who nest above me are resting comfy,
Even try to run every district,
And world politics reflects in the Olympics,
So do you act now? And resist the smack down,
Strap bombs to waist, detonate a packed crowd,
Or see America as heaven sent,
They want a black president just to hide the white background,

I wish I could bun the christians,
Recycle the force from the guns of Brixton,
Lets the tunes spread so your sons can listen,
The bibles depicted from solar systems,
Now the west needs the wars to make cash,
They take back every bit of oil while they break the slaves back,
And put it on repeat like a ravers tape pack,
The main mans a cover for the state to rape tax,
Stay standing still while they fiddle your wage pack,
Its give it or take that, your spirit just lays back,
So your stuck and just live on the main drag,
Now your lost and forgotten on the strip of the wasteland,